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In progress

TrainPro (LiftIQ)
Co-founder, CTO
  • Smart wearable clothing that acts as a personal AI trainer in the gym, providing real-time posture feedback, such as "Keep your spine neutral during the lift" or "Don’t let your knees cave in during the concentric phase."
  • Successfully raised approximately 20,000 CAD through various pitch competitions including Velocity 5K and St Mary's March Madness.
  • Transitioned to a B2B model by integrating sensors directly into gym equipment.
  • Successfully piloted with two gyms, each having over 100 members.
Autonomous Cleaning Robot
Mechanical Engineer - Matic robots
  • Matic robots - a truly autonomous home cleaning robot designed for both mopping and vacuuming tasks.
  • Employs 3D computer vision to fully map and navigate the environment.
  • Contributed to the design and enhancement of the actuation system's reliability for the cleaning head.
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Brain imaging microscope
Optical Engineer - Inscopix
  • Inscopix - a miniature microscope based on calcium fluorescence for brain imaging in freely behaving animals.
  • Designed and implemented automated methods and systems to test and evaluate the performance of voltage-controlled variable focal length lenses.
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Automated Hydroponics home system
Tech lead (team of 2)
  • Designed a fully automated, internally air-conditioned home hydroponics system tailored for hotter climates lacking central air conditioning.
  • The system features automated controls with online monitoring of essential metrics such as pH, conductivity, temperature, and humidity.
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Optical Measurement Machine
Mechanical Engineer - Animo Tech
  • Independently designed and constructed a custom Optical Measurement Machine to automate quality inspections, saving the company an investment of over $100,000 on external vendors.
  • The system automatically detects components placed within and verifies all critical dimensions with an accuracy of 0.025 mm
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Automatic Chess Board
Solo project
  • Designed and built an automatic chess board that allows for playing against a computer, which detects my moves through computer vision and responds using an electromagnet on an XY axis gantry system
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Solo project
  • An automatic scoring system for billiards that tracks scores for each player using computer vision
  • Provides detailed analytics against historical data, including metrics like biggest comeback, largest win, closest win, and longest winning streak.
Obsidian TV Tracker
Solo project
  • A simple plugin for Obsidian to track movies and TV shows, allowing users to add ratings or save them to a watchlist
  • Offers insightful metrics on top actors, directors, and genres based on count or rating and includes a discovery feature to suggest new content based on your existing library.
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Obsidian Life Calendar
Solo project
  • An Obsidian plugin inspired by Tim Urban's Life Calendar concept, enhanced to visualize not only how I spend my time but also with whom
  • The interactive graph shows cumulative time spent with selected individuals, highlighting the precious and limited nature of time spent with important people in my life.
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Harry Potter Wand
Solo project
  • A wand that responds to voice commands and hand gestures
  • What I use it for is not decided yet. Open to ideas 😄.